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Welcome to the OEP Energy Efficiency Program Sponsored by DP&L and Vectren

DP&L and Vectren have partnered with Ohio Energy Project to provide this FREE energy efficiency education program for teachers, students and families in their service territories. All participants must teach in schools served by DP&L and Vectren. This program is available to grades 4-12. Teachers receive curriculum, laboratory equipment and home energy efficiency kits for every student.

2016-2017 Professional Development Dates

Register Easily Online for 2016-17

All professional Development will be held in Dayton at the DP&L Service Building, 1900 Dryden Road.

Workshops for Teachers participating for the 1st time OR returning Teachers applying for graduate credit:

Professional Development Dates:
Thursday, October 27

Options for Teachers who previously participated:

Options for Training:

  • Attend an Open House for returning teachers, OR
  • Participate in a Customized Training, OR
  • Attend a day-long Professional Development Workshop (required for graduate credit)

What is an Open House? As a returning teacher, if you choose an open house, you may come at any time during that two-hour window. Stay as long as you like. Changes to the 2016-17 program will be shared. You will receive the new e3 curriculum and bonus supplies for your classroom.

What is a Customized Training?  Are you unable to attend an Open House?  To schedule a customized training, complete the online registration and select the customized training option.  An OEP staff member will contact you to schedule a conference call.

Open House Dates:
Wednesday, July 20  10a-12p
Wednesday, August 3  3:30p-5:00p
Tuesday, September 27  4p-5:30p
Customized Training

Family Installation Survey for DP&L/Vectren: Online Version

Family Installation Survey for DP&L/Vectren: PDF Version


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