energy awareness month contest

October is National Energy Awareness Monthenergy_awareness_month
A presidential proclamation, in 1991, made October Energy Awareness Month. For 25 years, October is celebrated with activities and actions to promote public understanding of our energy needs and simple ways to reduce the amount of energy we consume in our everyday lives.

October is OEP’s month!

Whether it is promoting energy efficiency through the e3/Be E3 Smart program, gaining knowledge about the energy sources and their environmental/economic impacts on the Energy Sources Tour or investigating electricity and careers in the energy industry in the 7th/9th grades professional development, OEP is committed to energy awareness in all of our programs.

Help celebrate OEP’s month by promoting energy awareness around your school.

Then send OEP a picture or video of your students engaged in energy awareness and OEP will send you a prize pack! (Ohio schools only)  Pictures and videos must be submitted by October 31, 2016.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


  • Form an Energy Patrol and issue tickets for energy wasting behaviors.
  • Raid the recycle bin and host a “Recycled Hat Contest.”
  • Round up the biggest energy wasters in your building. Deputize your students to find your school’s “Most Wanted Energy Wasters.
  • Pinterest Addict? Search the words: Energy, Efficiency & Kids


  • What is the best source of energy? Host a Great Energy Debate.
  • Complete an Energy Walk-Thru Assessment to determine an overview of your school’s energy use.
  • Use NEED’s school efficiency resources Monitoring & Mentoring (middle school) or Learning & Conserving (high school) to conduct a school energy audit.
  • Create posters to promote your school’s recycling program and post near recycling containers.
  • Develop a social media campaign to encourage energy awareness around your school. Share with Ohio Energy Project on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.
  • Create energy awareness “Public Service Announcements” to be broadcasted once a week during the daily announcements.