energy efficiency programs

Registration for the 2018-19 school year closed. We’ll see you next year!

Free Curriculum and Equipment
All the training and lab materials you need to teach five hands-on science lessons correlated to Ohio’s Learning Standards. Really – all the equipment is included at no cost!


Exciting Activities Students Love

Our innovative approach connects science and energy with daily life. Students conduct experiments at school and then apply their knowledge at home. This school-to-home connection inspires the next generation to be energy smart consumers.

Free Teacher Training

Hands-on training will boost your confidence, enabling you to change the way your students think, see and use energy for a lifetime.



Teacher Benefits:

  • Free curriculum and lab equipment
  • Free Energy Efficiency Kit for every student (with bulbs, weather stripping, showerhead, etc.)
  • Teacher Stipend ($100 for 1st year, $200 for alumni teachers)
  • CEUs and optional graduate credit

The Curriculum and Labs

Check out a sample of the Energy Efficiency Student Guide.

The Energy Efficiency Labs are:

  • What is Energy: Hands-on activities explore forms and sources of energy, energy transformation with toys, energy production and consumption.
  • Lighting: Measure and compare the heat produced and energy used by different types of bulbs. Calculate the cost of each type of bulb and take home an energy-efficient bulb to install at home.
  • Electricity and Appliances: Use watt meters to measure and understand the electricity used by various appliances at home and at school. Discover the environmental and financial cost of using these appliances.
  • Thermal Energy: Explore heat transfer, conductors and insulators by designing insulation for containers and measuring temperature change. Take home weather stripping to apply the new knowledge at home.
  • Water Heating: Measure water temperature and flow to understand the energy costs of the water we use.

All of the labs are aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards for 4th – 12th grade.

Energy Efficiency Education programs are sponsored by:

  • AEP Ohio
  • Columbia Gas of Ohio
  • Dayton Power & Light
  • Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives: Watch a video of the Be E3 Smart program
  • Vectren

How Does It Work?

  1. Register for a training near you.
  2. Attend a Professional Development workshop (CEU documentation and optional one semester hour graduate credit available).
  3. Return to school with everything you need to teach 5 hands-on energy labs – the curriculum and all the lab materials!
  4. Receive student efficiency kits in the mail with efficiency measures and a lab workbook for each of your students.
  5. Complete the evaluation/survey after you teach the program and receive a stipend!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Teach 4th – 12th grade
  • Must be an Ohio school in the service territory or AEP, Columbia Gas, DP&L, Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives or Vectren. Go ahead and register – we confirm your sponsor for you!


For more information, contact us at or 614-785-1717.