grade 4: electricity, circuits & thermal energy

4th grade teachers…

With the new content standards, are you teaching electricity and thermal energy for the first time?  Then join OEP for a professional development workshop that meets these new standards!

Electric Circuits ActivityParticipating teachers will receive:

  • Teacher resources: NEED curriculum, OEP lesson plans and student worksheets.
  • Kit of Equipment worth over $200: 5 sets of Snap Circuits, 5 circuit batons, 6 digital thermometers, additional resources to teach thermal energy.
  • Three professional development contact hours.

Summer 2017 Program Dates & Locations



Summer 2017 TBD Various locations around Ohio

Ohio Learning Standards the workshop will address:

Electricity, Heat & Matter (Physical Science)

  • The total amount of matter is conserved when it undergoes a change.
  • Energy can be transformed from one form to another or can be transformed from one location to another.

Earth’s Living History (Life Science)

  • Changes in an organisms environment are sometimes beneficial to its survival and sometimes harmful.

View the program curriculum, pre/post assessments and student worksheets.

Questions?  Email OEP staff