grades 7 & 9: electricity

7th & 9th Grade Teachers…

NEW for Summer 2016!  An electricity professional development for 7th & 9th grade teachers.

tourBenefits for Participating Teachers:

  • Tour of an Ohio electricity generating power station, facilitated by plant personnel.
  • Teaching Kit of Equipment worth over $250: Includes sets of Snap Circuit Pro and other equipment to teach electricity in your classroom.
  • Teacher resources: NEED curriculum, OEP lesson plans and student worksheets.
  • Five professional development contact hours.

Summer 2017 Program Dates & Locations

Date: Location:
Summer 2017 various locations around Ohio

Ohio Learning Standards Correlations

7th Grade:

  • Evaluate an electrical circuit in terms of type, voltage, current, resistance and the transfer of energy to other forms.
  • Design, create and compare a series and parallel circuit.
  • Demonstrate an increase or decrease in resistance in a circuit.
  • Create a closed circuit that includes a parallel circuit and resistance and that shows changes in current and voltage.

9th Grade

  • Relate the flow of electrons through conductors and insulators and the concepts of current, voltage and resistance.
  • Distinguish between conductors and insulators.
  • Explain the two models of electric current in terms of charge and direction of flow.
  • Describe how power sources, including batteries, are sources of voltage.
  • Demonstrate how a variety of circuits are constructed as well as measure and compare the potential difference (voltage) and current.

Thanks to Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation and Martha Holden Jennings Foundation for the funding to offer this new program to Ohio teachers.